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zafrogzen, I continue to get motivated and enlightened by your commentary. I thank you from the heart. The thing is issues in a means which i do however you Specific them so only and eloquently which the principles are simpler to assimilate in consciousness.

I can realize your pleasure in all this organization as you on your own hunt for salvation, but to misrepresent and also to try and use Leonard Cohen’s words and phrases to spice up your own personal reasons, is just not so great.

Each and every spiritual teacher has to produce an ongoing choice: to provide or to take advantage of their college students. If an individual can’t or won’t pick service time after time right after time, they’re in the wrong line of labor.

I have also heard in regards to the looser character on the Group during the 1970s – perfectly I am able to visualize that Joshu Sasaki was very clear and open up. Any regale of the ordeals is going to be seen here as a difficulty of cult, so that is certainly what you might face, together with from individuals like Genjo who will undertaking his Trainer with Sasaki. So you should take that as is, and don’t assume too much from this team.

I’d be away from there similar to a shot, I’d scent it a mile off, see it in his/her publications, observe it in his/her conduct.

Publication is the final resort and, Regrettably, the only real study course of action we actually have at this point. Publishers which do their work in terms of telling the mahasangha what is basically taking place in dharma facilities are definitely the Examine at this stage. This didn’t exist before the digital age (thank goodness for the world wide web and for whistle-blowers).

I did transpire to run into him in Boston in 1976, iirc, and experienced a little chat with him. I told him that I had been carrying a little bit of a grudge to him to the way he addressed a girl Pal of mine at Bodhi Mandala, his area in New Mexico. I advised him that it experienced taken me a while to let it go. He just laughed. We both of those did.

In any case, I do agree along with you that “you will discover serious gems in this entire world.” The purpose is, these genuine gems are actual people beings way too. They might Have a very deep grounding in the Absolute, but at the same time they’re inescapably residing in the Relative earth — where by they’re flawed human beings, with flawed egos and their share of shortcomings, doubts and challenges, the same as Most people else.

It really is unfair to compare Sasaki’s behavior to your Catholic pedophiles. I question he did something unlawful. Feels like he was very cool about, contrary to Several other offending Roshi’s.

It’s time for Zen to grow up. I’m as Unwell of reporting on scandals as web page readers are of studying them.

In any scenario, it is okay, all claimed and performed as I said. Men and women can endeavor to police items to Demise, squeeze each and every feasible ounce of it, and you can find mechanical instructors who may even prosper less than this natural environment. So whether it is: every individual attempts to make a dwelling, and you will find in fact All those whom have to have defense, and in fact there are Individuals whom operate with very little marbles on the whole and spiritual scenes are rife for them to prey in.

In February of 2011, I contacted various Rinzai-ji Oshos Individually and expressed my hope that they'd begin to handle this problem. I received two responses; the very first, from Eshin Godfrey Osho that said, “You inquire which i make each individual hard work to address The difficulty you see of ‘inappropriate carry out of Joshu Sasaki Roshi with feminine learners’.

‘Exposing a Instructor and shaming him will not appear to be to operate both, for the reason that most of his learners are obviously content to dance along. I don’t Consider your “unique way” is check here different plenty of, sorry.’

The Dalai Lama a short while ago claimed that some of the older Buddhist texts had references to Girls practitioners which were no longer applicable, including the ban for nuns to get the best teachings.

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